A Brief History

DuFlora Agri Products Pvt. Ltd. is engaged in developing and marketing quality hybrid and OP vegetable seeds for domestic market and international markets. The company specializes in Hot Pepper, Tomato, Gourds, Okra, Beans, Melons and Sweet Corn. Our brand DuFlora is popular across various states in India and International markets.

The company also markets premium hybrids in field crops such as Bajra, Jowar & Maize in domestic and international markets.

Our primary objective is to provide the farmer with superior quality hybrid seeds suitable to his/her land, season and market. Our R&D is focused on improving hybrid characteristics, inducing disease resistance and increasing yield. We process the seeds with state of the art equipment to ensure highest level of physical purity and best in industry grading.

About DuFlora

DuFlora Agri Products Private Limited is founded and operated with the vision of establishing a superior quality research oriented hybrid vegetable seed company.

The promoters have close to four decades of experience in Indian Seed Industry.


Our crops are assortment of high performing vegetable hybrid varieties that give high yield and have favorable hybrid characteristics under varied weather conditions

Our Mission

Our primary objective is to develop and market superior quality hybrid vegetable seeds. We specialize in fruit-bearing crops such as determinate and indeterminate tomatoes, Hot Pepper, Gourds, Okra, Beans, Melons and Sweet Corn

Our Vision

Our Vision is to improve farmer prosperity through Superior technology products along with Best-in-Industry Quality and Service.

Quaity Policy

We follow high and rigorous production and processing standards to produce premium quality seeds with highest genetic purity and highest physical purity. We use state of the art equipment and thorough processes to ensure premium and consistent quality of seeds.