About Us

DuFlora Agri Products Private Limited is founded by Mr. PN Reddy and run by Managing Director & C.E.O Ms. Geetha Madhuri Punyala with the vision of establishing a superior quality and research oriented hybrid vegetable seed company.

Mr. PN Reddy has close to four decades of experience in Indian Seed Industry and is also the Founder and Managing Director of Nu Genes Pvt. Ltd. which is a pioneer in Field Crops mainly Bajra, Jowar and Maize.

With our decades of experience in seed industry, strong commitment to superior quality and a passion for seeds, we are well poised to cater to the needs and requirements of Indian Seed Industry and International Seed Market.

Our Team

Mr. Narayana Reddy Punyala (Mr. PN Reddy) - Founder & Mentor

Having decades of experience in seed industry and being a graduate in Agriculture Science with Masters in Management, Mr PN Reddy possess the right mix of market knowledge and technical knowledge and harnesses his passion for seeds to convert the vision of quality hybrid vegetable seeds to reality by effectively guiding research team, marketing team and operations team.

Mr. PN Reddy Founded Nu Genes Pvt Ltd in 2004 and is currently Managing Director of Nugenes. Prior to that, he worked with JK seeds for 16 years and was the General Manager, Marketing for India.

Ms. Geetha Madhuri Punyala - Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer

Geetha Madhuri has completed her graduation in computer science from IIIT Hyderabad and attained her MBA from IIM Shillong. She also cleared CFA, Level 3 from Virginia, USA. After completing her education, She worked across financial institutions where she was the Relationship Manager and with Amazon where she was Category Manager. She shares Mr. PN Reddy's passion for seeds and is overseeing and coordinating all the activities including marketing, research and operations with a vision of improving farmer prosperity through Superior Quality Hybrid Vegetable Seeds.


Our primary objective is to develop and market superior quality hybrid and OP vegetable seeds. We specialize in fruit-bearing crops such as determinate and indeterminate Tomatoes, Hot Pepper, Gourds, Okra, Beans, Melons and Sweet Corn. We also provide premium quality seeds in field crops Bajra, Maize and Jowar.

We aim to create and offer a broad assortment of vegetable seed varieties and field crop seed varieties matching the specific needs of our clients and their markets.

The team of DuFlora AgriSeeds looks forward to sharing its expertise with you.

Quality Policy

We follow high and rigorous production and processing standards to produce premium quality seeds with highest genetic purity and highest physical purity. We use state of the art equipment and thorough processes to ensure premium and consistent quality of seeds.